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Our building

The hospital building was constructed in 2007, it has 5 floors and an elevator, as well as an accessible environment for persons with disabilities. The facility offers double and triple rooms equipped with an independent bathroom, television and air conditioning.

The restaurant section

The restaurant section is situated on the ground floor and has a bar and a kitchen, where the patients can enjoy the tasty meals that have been freshly cooked by our staff. The kitchen has the latest equipment for the servicing of 100 restaurant seats.

The medical sector

The medical sector is situated within the building’s basement, accessible via stairs or an elevator. There are two rooms designated for mud therapy with baths for men and women, 2 changing rooms and 6 showers, 4 couches for mud and lye applications, 3 rooms for physiotherapy with physiotherapy equipment, a sports room equipped with apparatuses for recuperative exercises, a massage room, and auxiliary rooms – a waiting room and a kitchen for the preparation of the mud and lye.

Want to know about our therapies?

Healing mud, lye compresses, physiotherapy and more...

The organisation of the rehabilitation activities is conducted by a physical therapist, a neurologist, a nurse, rehabilitators, a mud therapist, water therapist, and masseurs. The medical facility operates with free admission per the NSSI programme, as well as per Clinical paths No. 244 and 241 (for disorders of the musculoskeletal system and the peripheral nervous system).